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Transformative Consumer Research


External research funding is made available by various entities, including governments (via national research agencies), private foundations, and corporate and non-profit organizations.


The operation of these programs can vary significantly, with some funders using rolling application windows for ongoing schemes (e.g., ‘Small Research Grants’), calls without specific deadlines, topical schemes launched on a ‘needs’ basis (e.g., ‘Ethical Use of AI’), and even rapid funding calls for urgent topics (e.g., COVID 19).


Your university’s research support office can save you considerable time by assisting you in locating and evaluating funding options. Moreover, the office might provide valuable general information, such as identifying grants with “internal competitions” (some grants may require an internal application and selection process). In addition, you can search for and sign up for notifications about upcoming external funding opportunities through searchable databases, which may be available via subscription through your university.

Look through the links below to get started.

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The Chronicle of Philanthropy

Offers a fee-based database of grants with your Chronicle of Philanthropy subscription, you have full access to GrantStation’s extensive and regularly updated information about private and government funds that can help your organization advance its mission.

Access Source

U.S. Grants.Gov

Find U.S. federal funding opportunities for organizations and entities supporting the development and management of government-funded programs and projects.

Scientify Research

Offers a free, easy-to-search database of grants worldwide.

Early Career Researchers Central

Find funding schemes and fellowships for early career researchers

Funds Online

Lists EU-based grant-making charities, companies, and statutory sources (including central and local government).

Research Professional

Research Professional collates news from research funders and research policy updates worldwide and an up-to-date searchable database of funding opportunities.

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