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Transformative Consumer Research


TCR partners with the Association for Consumer Research, the American Marketing Assocation, and private donors to offer small grants to provide seed money and support exploratory research that aligns with TCR's mission. This funding opportunity is offered once per year, with a Call for Proposals announced here on the TCR website. Funding is available to both PhD students and academic researchers.


2024 Call for Proposals

The deadline for the 2024 call for proposals is Sept 1 2024.  


Previous Winners

Past grants support from the Sheth Foundation, ACR,

and Kellogg Foundation.


TCR Grant FAQs

Most commonly asked questions, answered.

Call for Proposals

Deadline is September 1 2024

Past TCR Grant Award Winners

I Will Be Green for Us: When Consumers Compensate for Their Partners’ Unsustainable Behavior

Hristina Nikolova, Aylin Cakanlar, Gergana Y. Nenkov


Award amount


The Effects of Dark Design on Children’s Digital Well-Being and Its Implications for Sharenting

Laurel Cook, Alexa Fox, Lin Ong, Claire Bessant, Pingping Gan, Mariea Grubbs Hoy, Emma Nottingham, Beatriz Pereira, Stacey Barell Steinberg


Award amount


An Exploration into Communal Experiences of Solastalgia

Verena Gruber, Myriam Brouard


Award amount


Environmental Consumption Patterns in Early Motherhood: The Evolving and Diverse Notions of the Good Green Mother Identity

Niveen Abighannam, Lucy Atkinson


Award amount


  • Why is seeking external funding important?
    ​Conducting socially impactful research can be costly. You may need money for large-scale field studies, prototype development, website creation to disseminate findings, publication in open-source journals, and more. External funding may give you the freedom to undertake ambitious, impactful projects.
  • Why is it beneficial to start thinking about funding early?
    Learning about external funding early in your career or as a student can give you a jump start on funding your research or positioning future research with financing in mind. Scholars can pursue a spectrum of grants at any point in their academic journey, and some programs are tailored to specific career stages (early career, established scholars, etc.). External funding practices and programs can vary greatly across different countries, institutions, etc. and scholars in your region may be a great resource for specific insights. Click on the links below for more insights.
  • What are funders looking for?
    The TCR focus on creating impact places us in an advantageous position because that’s why funders invest: to achieve impact. Ultimately, funders want to achieve their priorities.They want to be sure the researcher understands the issue, has a solid plan, and can deliver on time and on budget. Check out the links below for more help. Tech Soup Blog Post: What do Funders Look For? UK Research and Innovation Council: How to Write a Good Grant Proposal U.S. National Institutes of Health: Write Your Grant Application
  • How do I write a strong grant proposal?
    Most funders make their assessment criteria or rubrics available. Always start with those as a base (and revisit often) to ensure you tailor your grant proposal to the funder. Be sure to check your eligibility before you invest time in the proposal. Go the Books and Articles section of this page for more information. Books: Write a Winning Research Proposal by Martins Zaumanis Research Proposals, a Practical Guide by Martyn Denscombe The Beginner's Guide to Grant Writing by Holly Rustick Peer-reviewed articles: Recommendations for Writing Successful Grant Proposals: An Information Synthesis Are peer reviews of grant proposals reliable? An analysis of Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) funding applications Writing a first grant proposal The ABC of writing a grant proposal Recommendations for Writing Successful Grant Proposals Secrets to writing a winning grant Why Academics Have a Hard Time Writing Good Grant Proposals Other online sources: A guide to writing grant proposals How to write a successful academic grant application Writing a Scientific Research Project Proposal How to write a grant proposal: a step-by-step guide
  • Do grant funders care about research impact?
    As a global community, we are having a conversation about defining, considering and capturing impact from the conception to completion of research projects. A similar process applies to the process of developing funding proposals. Check out the Impact section of this website.
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