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TCR hosts two conferences, which run alternate years. 

Learn more about our conferences, how to participate or read past conference proceedings.

Learn about upcoming and past dialogical conferences.

Learn about past and upcoming inpact festivals.

Read the proceedings from past TCR conferences.

2024 Impact Festival

Striving for Influential, Meaningful, and Positive Action for Change and Transformation


August 15-16, 2024

Boston, MA


Conference Co-Chairs:

Iana Castro, San Diego State University

Paula Peter, San Diego State University

Gabriel Gonzalez, San Diego State University

2025 Dialogical Conference

June 12-15 2025

American University in Washington DC

Conference Co-Chairs:

Ron Hill, American University

Kelli Frias, American University 

Zeke Ngcobo, American University 

The call for Track Proposals is open
Proposal Deadline July 31, 2024

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