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Choose, Choose, Choose, Choose, Choose, Choose, Choose: Emerging And Prospective Research On The Deleterious Effects Of Living In Consumer Hyperchoice 

Journal of Business Ethics 

David Glen Mick, Susan M. Broniarczyk, Jonathan Haidt


The ideology of consumption and the imperative of consumer choice have washed across the globe.In today's developed economies there is an ever-increasing amount of buying, amidst an ever-increasing amount of purchase options, amidst an ever-increasing amount of stress, amidst an ever-decreasing amount of discretionary time. This brief essay reviews research suggesting, for example, that hyperchoice confuses people and increases regret, that hyperchoice is initially attractive but ultimately unsatisfying, and that hyperchoice is psychologically draining. Future research is then discussed, including how and why hyperchoice may have other toxic effects on people, including the degrading of moral emotions and behavior.

Consumer Hyperchoice


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