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Co-Production: A Source Of Psychological Well-Being For Consumers?

Journal of Consumer Marketing

Ibtissame Abaidi, Patrice Cottet, Jamila Abaidi


This research aims to examine the co-production of a product as a source of psychological well-being for consumers. A quantitative experimental study on the theme of cosmetics products was conducted using a sample of 844 women.It comprised three scenarios corresponding to low (finished products), intermediate (products sold in kits) and high (the purchase of cosmetic ingredients) co-production. The results show that co-producing an offer is a source of psychological well-being.This effect can be explained by an increase in perceived benefits and perceived value. The finding of interest for management is the identification of factors that improve individuals’ psychological well-being.

Mental Health, Psychological Well-Being, Co-Production, Perceived Value, Perceived Benefits, Perceived Sacrifices


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