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Immigration, Culture, And Ethnicity In Transformative Consumer Research

Journal of Public Policy & Marketing

David Crockett, Laurel erson, Sterling A Bone, Abhijit Roy, Jeff Jianfeng Wang, Garrett Coble


Immigration, culture, and ethnicity (IC&E) research has a lengthy history in consumer research, though most research focuses narrowly on identity (and related topics) and has been done at the individual level of analysis. First, the authors discuss the need for research focused on assessing well-being at the collective level and highlight the important role of social networks and communities in improving consumer well-being and creating effective policy interventions. Next, they explore the utility of the emerging intersectionality conceptual framework for research on well-being and IC&E. They offer specific suggestions for designing policy-oriented research using this approach and illustrate the process by taking a well-regarded IC&E study and reimagining its design using a process-centered approach to intersectionality.

Immigration, Culture, Ethnicity, Well-Being, Intersectionality, Marginalization


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