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The Experiential Pleasure Of Food: A Savoring Journey To Food Well-Being

Journal of Business Research

Wided Batat, Paula C. Peter, Emily M. Moscato, Iana A. Castro, Steven Chan, Sunaina Chugani, Adrienne Muldrow


This paper introduces experiential pleasure of food (EPF) as a journey that involves the enduring cognitive and emotional pleasure consumers gain from savoring the multisensory, communal, and cultural meanings of food experiences.Specifically, our paper extends work by Cornil and Chandon (2016a and 2016b) on epicurean eating pleasure (EEP) and identifies and defines three stages (contemplation, connection, and creation) and its determinants as they lead to consumers' food well-being (Block et al., 2011).EPF (vs.EEP) aims to promote enduring (vs.improved) consumer well-being and explores marketing and public policy implications and future research areas that might help achieve food well-being (FWB) (Block et al., 2011).EPF offers a clear path to connect pleasure and EEP with FWB.Specifically, our conceptualization of EPF will serve scholars, public policymakers, and marketers who are interested in understanding enduring healthy eating through the perspective of food as pleasure rather than as a health deterrent.• This paper introduces a new and important construct related to food well-being: the Experiential Pleasure of Food (EPF).• This paper offers a conceptual framework of a pleasure-centric and savoring approach to enduring healthy eating.• This paper brings a unique, deep, and multidisciplinary perspective on food as a meaningful experience to be savored.• This paper offers useful insights to scholars, marketers, and public policy makers to promote enduring healthy eating.

Consumer Well-Being, Epf Journey, Experiential Pleasure Of Food, Food Portions, Food Well-Being, Government Policy, Healthy Eating, Paper Work, Pleasure, Public Policy, Savoring, Well-Being


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