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The Global Refugee Crisis: Pathway For A More Humanitarian Solution

Journal of Macromarketing 

Clifford Shultz, res Barrios, Alexer V. Krasnikov, Ingrid Becker, Aronte M. Bennett, Renu Emile, Maria Hokkinen, Julia R. Pennington, Marcos Santos, Jaime Sierra


The global refugee crisis reveals refugees and other forcibly displaced persons (FDP) are uniquely vulnerable consumers on a dynamic pathway precipitated by trigger events that have disrupted or fractured marketing systems requisite for safety and well-being, resulting in dangerous journeys to temporary or permanent settlements. The Syrian Conflict is introduced to contextualize the challenges along the pathway and to show that a more Humanitarian Marketing System, spanning time, space and other systems, brings opportunities for governments, NGOs and businesses to cooperate and to provide FDP with resources, which enhance connectedness, reduce vulnerabilities and suffering, illuminate good practices and enable FDP to flourish when resettled. The authors discuss research-opportunities to facilitate further understanding, to develop and repair marketing systems, and to enhance the well-being of FDP and other stakeholders of the crisis.

Consumer Well-Being, Refugees, Macromarketing, Humanitarian Marketing Systems, Forced Displacement, Migration, Displaced Persons


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