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The Tcr Perspective Of Gender: Moving From Critical Theory To An Activism-Praxis Orientation

Handbook of Research on Gender and Marketing, edited by Susan Dobscha

Laurel Steinfield, Jon Littlefield, Wendy Hein, Catherine A. Coleman, Linda Tuncay Zayer


Applying a transformative consumer research (TCR) perspective urges scholars to adopt a critical praxis.In this chapter we explore what a TCR approach entails and how the proposed Transformative Gender Justice Framework is well suited to help practitioners and scholars address gender-based injustices.We highlight topics in marketing and consumer behavior studies within TCR that might benefit from the addition of a gender focus, and research on gender outside of TCR that might gain from the integration of a transformational perspective.We conclude by reflecting on the activism and praxis orientations that this integration could help stimulate both outside and within academia.

Gender, Intersectionality, Critical Praxis, Transformative Gender Justice Framework, Advertising, Femvertising, Feminism, Space, Bodies, Methods And Methodologies, Masculinities


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