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Transformative Service Research: An Agenda For The Future

Journal of Business Research

Laurel erson, Amy L. Ostrom, Canan Corus, Raymond P. Fisk, rew S. Gallan, Mario Giraldo, Martin Mende


This article conceptualizes and presents a research agenda for the emerging area of transformative service research, which lies at the intersection of service research and transformative consumer research and focuses on well-being outcomes related to service and services. A conceptual framework provides a big-picture view of how the interaction between service entities (e.g., individual service employees, service processes or offerings, organizations) and consumer entities (e.g., individuals, collectives such as families or communities, the ecosystem) influences the well-being outcomes of both. Research questions derived from the framework in the context of financial services, health care, and social services help catalyze new research in the transformative service research domain.

Transformative Service Research, Consumer Well-Being, Financial Services, Health Care, Social Services, Service Sustainability


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