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Conceptualizing A Transformative Research Agenda

Journal of Business Research

David Crockett, Hilary Downey, A. Fuat Fırat, Julie L. Ozanne, Simone Pettigrew


Transformative consumer researchers seek to enhance consumer well-being by tackling some of the more difficult and intractable social problems and getting the results into the hands of stakeholders who can apply the research findings. Although traditional research approaches offer a viable path for doing research seeking positive social change, alternative research approaches exist that are uniquely suited to the challenges of Transformative Consumer Research. This article examines the standard research process from the perspective of a transformative research agenda to highlight steps in the process that can be better adapted and suggests innovations inspired from other translational research programs.

Alternative Methodologies, Consumer Well-Being, Social Change, Social Problem, Social Processes, Technological Innovations, Transformative Consumer Research, Translational Research


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