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Conversations About Conducting Marketing Research In Mental Health

Journal of Consumer Marketing

Jane E. Machin, Teri Brister, Robert M. Bossarte, Jenna Drenten, Ronald Paul Hill, Deborah L. Holl, Maria Martik, Mark Mulder, Madhubalan Viswanathan, Marie A. Yeh, Ann M. Mirabito, Justine Rapp Farrell, Elizabeth Crosby, Natalie Ross Adkins


The purpose of this paper is to inspire research at the intersection of marketing and mental health. Marketing academics have much to offer – and much to learn from – research on consumer mental health. However, the context, terminology and setting may prove intimidating to marketing scholars unfamiliar with this vulnerable population.Here, experienced researchers offer guidance for conducting compelling research that not only applies marketing frameworks to the mental health industry but also uses this unique context to deepen our understanding of all consumers. Common concerns about conducting marketing research in the area of mental health were circulated to researchers experienced working with vulnerable populations. Their thoughtful responses are reported here, organized around the research cycle.
Academics and practitioners offer insights into developing compelling research questions at the intersection of marketing and mental health, strategies to identify relevant populations to research and guidance for safe and ethical research design, conduct and publication..

Mental Health, Vulnerable Population, Consumer Research, Mental Illness, Marketing Research


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