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TCR 2025 Dialogical Conference

American University

Washington, DC

June 12–15, 2025

Conference Co-Chairs:

Ron Hill, American University, USA

Kelli Frias, American University, USA

Zeke Ngcobo, American University, USA

In the collaborative, relaxed setting of this conference, participants will leverage their distributed wisdom to think expansively. This is an open process driven by curiosity and partnership. In other words, this is not a conference composed of pre-approved, pre-set research presentations; TCR operates a dialogical conference format.  As such, dialogical tracks seek to explore the distributed knowledge and experience across a group of people who share an interest in a focal TCR-related issue. The transformative consumer research movement encourages collaborations between scholars with different levels of experience and disciplinary backgrounds and non-academic contributors (industry, NGO, civil society movement, or other backgrounds) with expertise focal to consumer well-being topic(s). Past TCR conference participants have successfully worked together to produce numerous published articles, including some that became award winners.


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